Tuesday, 19 March 2013


My sister is here for a holiday.

When my sister comes, it is madness for the whole visit, we never stop.

She arrived with a suitcase, and most important of all, her bag of wool for a new crochet project

to make more of these for a crocheted throw for a friend.  The friend chose the wool from the Internet.

The weather was threatening to become like this

so my sister was happily crocheting in front of the coal fire and I was knitting socks........

when suddenly she took a violent dislike to the dull colours - and the whole project.

What to do?

Go out in search of more wool!  Now!

It had started snowing heavily but priorities are priorities.

We drove for half an hour to the local wool shop where they had so many beautiful colours we had to walk around the shop looking at objects other than wool to calm ourselves down. Then we found the most gorgeous bag made from crocheted hexagons in the back of the shop, in the workshop room.

After a while......
.............................we chose these colours.

Drove back home - snow? what snow? and found the pattern for the hexagons on the Internet here.

So far we've made these.

We've got other visitors too - they always come to Scotland at the same time as my sister.

They're waiting for more hexagons.


  1. Oh that's just a purely lovely story. I can just imagine you two having a fabulous visit, shopping and laughing together and making beautiful, colorful, breath-taking hexagons...which these certainly are!

  2. What very lovely crochet squares...although the bright blues really makes itself known. But, I gotta say, that was a good move to get over to the wool shop (over here we call them yarn shops). Those hexie blocks are FABULOUS! And you two have some serious crocheting skills.

  3. Oh such fun! I lone your furry companions and those luscious new colors.

  4. lovely to see you both back for MORE wool just now! Thanks so much for the recommendations! And I love your wee bears :)

  5. What fun! Crocheting with your sister. Perfect activity for a snowy day. I live in Florida, so I'm jealous of all that snow. Those are such pretty crochet patterns. I love the hexagons.

  6. Wow, love those bright colours, Sheila, fab hexagons, great change from the usual squares!
    Enjoy your time with your sister,too!

  7. Nothing will stop serious crocheters, Shelia! The hexagons are beautiful, have fun :)

  8. wonderful hexagons... a great way to use the "minutes between"...

  9. Have to say, although I love muted and grungy colours as general rule, Sheila, the beautiful bright wool hexagons are absolutely ace. They look very folk art, which I love.

  10. Hi Sheila

    What lovely little squares and what a perfect thing to do on a cold day!


  11. Hilarious! I used to work at a knit shop and when the weather people predicted snow, we would get a shop full of women who had to get a project in case we were stuck at home for a while!

  12. Haha - you were right Sheila. I am amused. That is the kind of thing, me and my mum would have done. She was manager of a wool shop many years ago. I think she took half the stock home most of the time, haha. I don't crochet or knit anymore but I still love to look at wool and squish the balls and feel the softness. Yum. Haha.
    The 'sad' thing is, I'm even more like that with stationery. Always have been. I love it. The smell of a new book. Ahh. And now I'm learning about paints and pencils too. They all smell wonderful.
    I'm not really as weir as all this sounds, ;)


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