Friday, 22 March 2013


Since I started blogging I have been running about like a bull in a sweet shop or a child in a china shop or whatever, there are just so many games to play in blogland.

Whether I was making art at college or learning something new in a workshop, the cry (sometimes with real tears) from the teacher was "Can't you make it bigger?" so when I found this challenge, "Every Inchie Monday" it looked like a challenge which was right up my very small street.

Do you know what an inchie really looks like?  Yes, it really is a very small one inch square.

The current subject is "Inchie Footstep" and I knew exactly what I wanted to do - use the pattern on the sole of a shoe to make a pattern on an inchie.  Have you looked at the soles of your shoes? Especially look at walking shoes or trainers.  Some of the patterns are quite beautiful.

Have you ever tried to copy this pattern on to a one inch square?

I started with four separate one inch squares cut out of cartridge paper.
First mistake.  You want to start with a square slightly larger so you can draw off the edges and trim it later.

To cut a long story short, a lot of shaky hand drawings and one A3 sheet of cartridge paper later, I had the grand total of three inchies.

I've made the pictures small this time because they are.


  1. These are all awesome inches! Did your sister help?

  2. My fave is the first one. I love the design and the colors! Did you process them and change them from their original colors? I have been making inchies for some of my calendar squares on boring days. I find them very challenging to create something fun in such a teeny tiny space. But I shall NOT be beaten down by an inchie! LOL I'm glad to see that you are playing with them too. A great idea from the pattern on shoe soles.

  3. The first one is my fav as well. But then the next one is everso nice. Brilliant as usual.

  4. Oh great to play with designs..looks like you've been plenty creative of late, real busy with your sister too, beautiful work, the bright lively colored wool is like a vitamin shot, great! Winter is still there up in Scotland I see...we aren't into the true sunny days of Spring here either, still rather grey and's only early days!

  5. What a brilliant interpretation, Sheila! The patterns and colours remind me a little of Keith Haring.

  6. I'd say inchies really are right down your very small street, lol, they turned out great! I love the idea of trainer patterns, and all coloured in they make a really good graphic image.

  7. I love small too!. Inchies are just right (wouldn't work in centimeters). Shoe patterns in the snow provide a great source. Love it!!!

  8. Don't you just love a challenge...great job on your inchies!

  9. Beautiful job on all three! I love the bold colors'

  10. great take on the theme well done & welcome to the inchie addiction lol


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