Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I got quite carried away with the "Circus" theme at Conny's challenge "Mix it Monthly" and made several pages of my tiny black pen drawings, again with no fixed idea, just letting the pen do most of the work.

I've got a crazy pen, how much fun is the little bird on the trapeze?  
And although you may not think it (yet), the one bottom right is obviously an elephant drummer, haha!

The magic pen I'm using is the Pigma Micron 01, and my search for the perfect pen may have ended.

I drew a slightly better sketch

and painted it with watercolours.
The striped background was painted with oil pastels and textile dyes.

It's Effy, the Elephant Drummer, from the Flying Circus! 
She loves to play the drum.

As I said in my previous post, this is no ordinary circus, this is "The Flying Circus", run and organised by the birds and creatures themselves.

* * * * *

In my previous post, you saw Arfer, the Circus Hypnotist

and I was highly delighted when I discovered a new card design from a crop of this picture.

In another colourway.

I can never have too many cards.

I hope you enjoyed your second visit to The Flying Circus, there may be more another time!

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  1. The flying circus is terrific. Love the Elephant Drummer. Super sketches, a great basis for the cards. The green has come out well. Who next ? How about a lion tamer ? Love it, Awesome !!

  2. the bird on the Trapeze won my heart at first sight! it is too cute!!! but of course i love the elephant, too (as i always love elephants! - everywhere)
    great idea with the Cards, they came out lush! isn´t it great when a "sidekick" turns out to be so useful?
    i hope your Circus will stay in town for a while and Show us even more Magic:)

  3. This is really totally cute Sheila, I can see you had fun making it. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Effy has such a great talent. But, no surprise in her terrific surroundings and look at the unique hide on her. You know she has heart. I love the creature that is telling you his box is too small. And look at the bird balancing on the flowers...much more difficult than tight-rope walking. Such a talented circus group! The new cards are fab too. I love the green tone one.

  5. How fun! I loved seeing your circus pieces. Those cards are great. I love how you used your art to make them really unique. Hugs.Erika

  6. What can I say but hooray to this wonderful circus! I've enjoyed every bit of the fun here, from your drawings to the gran finale piece, it's a wow! Super, it has me smiling away, how I'd love to bring Lulu to this fabulous circus, she'd love it for sure!!
    Also so great to have made cards out of that cropped piece, such beautiful cards!

  7. Oh, Sheila, this is one of your best creations that I've seen. I really love the circus show, and the cards are gorgeous. Just a lovely post, my friend.
    Have a joyful day xx

  8. So fun! I love your sketch series with these so funny animals
    and admire your imagination! Yes, my particular favorite is the bird on the rings, but the stilt-bird is great! You will certainly also show it with color, as Effi-Elephant.
    ... And everyone who gets such a beautiful card from you will be very pleased. Many greetings of Ulrike

  9. While I am not a circus fan (zoo's either) I must say your circus offerings are fabulous.
    I have a soft spot for elephants.
    What lovely cards you created too ♥

  10. What fabulous, beautiful and fun circus art. You make me smile, it's nice to think about a circus that is run by the animals and birds themselves. Take good care, Shirleyxx

  11. I hated circuses as a kid, too much chaos for me and I am clown phobic, creepy things. But your circus is a charmer for sure. Soft cuddly elephant and cutest ever big beaked birds. Send me a ticket. xox

  12. Stunning cards!! I love the evolution of those cards, the whimsical elephant and birdy! I love the mix of colours in those cards... gorgeous and rich!! What a fun post with great characters!! I love how you start out just playing and it's turns into something amazing...such a fun process!! It shows others how joyful creating can be if you just let go!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. This is so fun Sheila, your sketches circus are super cute, and the cards are totally wonderful with lovely designs and a great combination of colours. Mar :)

  14. First your cards look incredible, both versions looks so vibrant and fun!!! Its a great idea to do grids for finding ideas, thats for sure, and I have to do such sketches way more often!! Drumming Elephant is the absolut star I guess and he reminds me at a drumming cat I saw lately in a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Rihq0ZwRk...I am clapping my applause for both of them here!!!!! ♥ Conny http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.de

  15. wow wow
    i love your little squares
    they seem full of stories
    with fanciful characters
    wonderful one and all
    then to see the colored pieces, they are a joy
    you have a wonderful way with color and expression
    your cards are super fun
    and i so enjoy Circus Hypnotist and the elephant drummer

  16. I always laugh when you talk about your crazy or magic pen. It makes me realize why mine doesn't work properly.

    Your adorable Circus friends are having fun. I especially laughed at the bird on the trapeze and the one balancing on the flowers. But your elephant drummer is adorable.

    How perfect to find such beautiful and colorful art in your cropped circus hypnotist. Those two cards are not just beautiful, they showcase your art AND your digital skills.

  17. Oh, I enjoy your sketches and the lines of your perfect pen you've found!

  18. The circus pictures are so darling and whimsical!!

  19. Oh gosh sooo cute ! Great, colourful and so whimiscal all this - unique!
    Amazing Sheila!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!


  20. I must admit I have never been a circus fan but yours looks like it would be fun... great cards as well... happy ppf xx

  21. I so enjoy visiting your blog, Sheila, and seeing your wonderful, creative art. Your circus animals have such character and your cards are wonderful! Jx

  22. although I am not a circus fan I am thoroughly enjoying your whimsical characters, and your cards are gorgeous Sheila!!!

  23. wonderful flying circus paintings you have going!

  24. oh how fun Sheila. I would love to go to your circus. Awesome!

  25. Blessings....
    Whatever brings you joy and peace of mind is a blessing.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore

  26. Your circus is full of fun color, fun animals and other designs! I'm glad I stopped by and I hope you have a nice weekend!!

  27. Ohhh your art just brought so much happiness to me today. Thank you.

  28. wow I like these "cirque du sheila" figures! Great cards!
    Groetjes Karin

  29. Oh Sheila, your circus animals are so wonderful and so delightful. Although you featured the elephant drummer, I think my favorite was the bird on the trapeze. It looks like he has 4 legs. Does he??? Anyway, the elephant drummer is great. Isn't it lots of fun to play with the colors? Your cards are beautiful and will delight and uplift the recipients.

  30. I had a great time seeing your circus animals and love the watercolor elephant! Sweet!

  31. Oh Microns--my love. xo Very adorable work.

  32. Was für wunderbare Bilder liebe Sheila! Deine süßen Tiere sind alles ganz große Artisten! Der Elefant so herrlich und der Vogel und die Karten, ach alle, alle sind einfach fantastisch! Ich mag deine Bilder wirklich sehr!
    ♥lich Claudia

  33. Working backwards. Your cards are so colourful and original. The elephant is concentrating on playing the correct notes and you have struck the correct note with your inventive little drawings. each one a little masterpiece.

  34. I love your circus images, all made in your very special way of illustration. I also love your nice colors.
    Have a nice weekend dear Sheila.

  35. Really beautiful paintings, but i'm totally falling in love with the last two cards!!design and the vibrant coloring is magical!
    Big hugs Anja

  36. Replies
    1. Thought my comment was here when I wrote you back, I dunno what went wrong but ... the cool thing is, there are different kinds of garbanzo/chickpeas, both in taste and colour, same with lentils and many other whole foods. Just depends on which you have access too.

  37. Just having a catch up and thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and seeing all your awesome art pages and cards. Fabulous.
    Yvonne xx

  38. I do love your Flying Circus, Sheila, and I had such a chuckle with Effy, the Elephant Drummer, from the Flying Circus! The colours of the two little cards are so vivid, too you have such a wonderful imagination, I am quite envious! Hugs, and see you soon, now we are back from our house, hens and granny sitting. xxxx

  39. I love love love your little cards they are just exquisite


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