Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Later on this week I am taking part in a Collage workshop.
I don't know much about making Collage.

So I thought I would try a few preparatory experiments.

This is probably the least successful.
It's not very collagey.
I changed the colours with Photo-editing as the original colours were quite horrible on the screen.
But I had fun with stamping and I quite like the green and blue stripes.
It measure 4 x 6 inches.

I quite like this one.
I'm not sure it is very collagey either.  It has washi tape and a magazine cut-out.
It measures 4 x 4½ inches.

This third one was a bit of a disaster because I couldn't get it looking right.  On the bright side it's more collagey.

Here's a hot tip for collaging - don't glue down a strip with your book-maker's archival glue until you are sure you want it to be there.

After a phone call with my dear friend S. who reminded me that colour-inverting an artwork with Photo-editing sometimes gives dramatic, surprising and new results, I tried just that. 
It measures slightly over 6 x 6 inches.

These three were made with washi tape, stamping (with both purchased and hand-made stamps), watercolour and metallic pens, watercolour inks, fluid acrylics and magazine cut-outs.
The flower in the last one was part of one of my little paintings.

Because the thought of going to the workshop and preparing for the workshop makes me happy, I'm also linking to this month's "Art Journal Journey" theme which is "Moments of Happiness".

I'd really like to know what you think of these and which one you like best (if any).

And if you have any collaging advice I'd very much like to receive it (especially before the workshop).


  1. Hard to pick a favorite Sheila as each creation has its charms!

    I enjoy collage very much ... hope you like your class ... looks like you are well on your way


  2. They are all collagey (lovely new word). Your idea of making small collages to experiment is good, and also I like your 'mixed media' where you added the shapes and colours. I can't choose a favourite, you have tried varied approaches, all successful.
    I love the second one, everything about it says 'Sheila', the Photoshopping, stamping and perfect composition. The second one is so dainty and pretty, just lovely. And the 'disaster' turned out marvellously, it is like a trip into a luscious jungle.
    Advice? 1. Don't think about it, just do it. 2. Have plenty of different collage pieces. 3. Just enjoy doing it. Have a good course, I'm sure you will love it, and I look forward to seeing some of the results.

  3. hi sheila,love your collage projekt,its so colorful and beautiful,iam so facinadet with all your wonderful collages.
    have a nice day,dear sheila ,here is the weather not so good,its raining and cold.

    greetings jeannette

  4. If these are just practice, I can't wait to see what you create for real!!! These all look wonderfully collagey to me. (Me too, I'm lovin' that new word) All three of these works take my imagination in different directions. You know how I love logic?...well, I love collage and it's definitely not always logical. I think you will come away from your class with some awesome work without any trouble at all and have a wonderful time with collage.

  5. Wow.. all your collages are awesome....

    I love them all Sheila!

  6. Sheila, they are charming.Love all of them.I am sure you will bring brilliant ideas from your workshop.
    Have a super magical day!


  7. Sheila you blow me away with your fabulous collages I could look at them for hours.
    Oh and I wanted to let you know I have a happy picture on my blog...better hurry it won't last long. lol Love ya

  8. Looking good so far! Collage is a hard art to master and get right and I think you're on the right track. I like the middle one best with the subtle colors.

  9. All the collages are wonderful, although I like the second one best. The colours are nice and subtle. Love it, Awesome !!

  10. I love the mix of colours and shapes, I like them all, and the one with the reversed colours is fantastic. I never stick anything on a collage till I know where I want it, which means a long time pushing things round and having fun! Hugs, Valerie

  11. Sheila; looks like you're doing quite well with the collage workshop! Love the colors and patterns! xo

  12. Hi, Sheila. I love collage. All the collages are awesome, but I prefer the third one best because I love the design and colours.I hope you enjoy your class!

  13. Dear Sheila,
    I love them all!! Most the green one, and the middle one and the first :)
    Of course that what you did are collages. And wonderful ones: You made collages with pieces somewhere else did and nevertheless your very own style can be seen - you did something very personal with this pieces. That's art.
    Ciao Beate

  14. I just looked again...
    The last one is the one I love most. It's unbelievable what you do with "going over with photoshop".... To be able to handle a program the way you do is art. But just beeing able to handle it the way you do won't work because nobody could do pictures like this without having the picures you made by hand before.

  15. All of your collages are gorgeous, love the colours however you created them :) take care, Shirleyx

  16. Your collages are beautiful! Especially I like the last one! Great colours and many lovely details!

  17. i love your steps into collage. actually i would say you are already in! sure you will enjoy your class, and they will enjoy your contribution!

    ps: making brushes (=stamps) in photoshop is totally easy. if you need help, just holler!

  18. Wow! What wonderful collages, I like them all, but my top favourite one is the third one. It says to me a fantasy underwater wonderland, with wonderful spikey sea-urchins in green, little turquoise five petalled corals, and in the middle an amazing fan worm. A shoal of little blue fish approach from the left, while in that corner lurks an orange starfish. Gorgeous!

  19. Collage is one of those things that people interpret differently. I don't know that there is a right and wrong approach.

    Without being able to see them in the flesh I'd say the first one is my favourite and more 'collage-y' but I'm inclined to stick more bits on or make the collage element larger.

    It will be interesting to see whether the class changes your perceptions, way of working. Please do show us. And have fun!

  20. Exquisite art, Sheila. I envy your skills of create so beautiful art works. Thanks for your visit, and comments. I wrote something to you there;)

  21. Sure look collage-y to me. I like the first one because I love the brilliant color, but the second shows wonderful collage elements. Don't beat yourself up,enjoy the process and see what comes out of it. The process is everything. xox

  22. Sheila they are all so great in their own way, you have such a way with creativity and always in your own wonderful style, bravo and have plenty more fun with collage!

  23. I love all the collages. The second one is bright and friendly, the last one is my favorit. The colours shine and I love the green stars!

  24. Sheila, I like them all, but my favorite is the third one.

    Your collage have so much feelings, they are individual and unique.

    I have to take a lot of time to look at your works, because there is much to discover.


  25. Sheila every of the images in this post is so inspiring and amazing, love the way you play with painting, papers and colors.

  26. It's always fun to experiment. I'm not that great at the collagy thing. I like your results and especially the last one. x

  27. Wow, I think your experiments were very successful. If pushed, I think I would choose the first as my favourite, but they all look good. Jx


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