Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I was given a box of 36 oil pastels with some very interesting colours and I bought a little box of 12 Koh-i-Noor intense dye-based water-colours.

I had a great incentive to use them as one of my favourite challenges, "Mix it Monthly" is asking us to make abstract artwork this month.

So I painted this

and this

then went to town with photo-editing.

I used three programs - Photoshop CS2, Nero and Tuxpi.
Tuxpi is a free editing program and has some interesting features.

I like the little monsters that appeared here, slightly off centre as monsters would.

I liked the calmness of this

and the four-squaredness of this.

But is photo-editing art, Art?

In photo-editing's defence:
Each of these started with my own artwork.
I went through many options and procedures to choose the final ones here, and maybe that is a skill in itself.

Do let me know what you think.


  1. As art takes on many forms, I would have to say yes. It's also a personal preference to choose which form calls to you. I have a need for hands on art and creating it by using a keyboard and a mouse is not a form that calls to me. However, I am greatly inspired by digital art. And I am totally fascinated by your hands on art and how it takes on another life through your photo editing talents. As always, "art" is in the eye of the beholder.

    There's my worthless, useless opinion. LOL

  2. These are just gorgeous !!
    Yes, it is art!!!
    Love what YOU created!

  3. Hi sheila,your Paintings so beautiful,full of wonderful colors and shapes,Love YOur Art,its very interesting.

    Lovely greetings Jeannette

  4. The impression of your individual art is that they are made by you, not editing by programs.
    Gorgeous colours and perfect texture, Sheila..

  5. You have achieved some wonderful results again. Love the bold colours, and I am sure, as you start with your own art, the photo editing is just an enhancement or another form of displaying it, like putting a nice frame round a picture. hugs, Valerie

  6. Gorgeous work with oil pastels and dyes. Super combinations. Love the little monsters and the calm. Love it, Awesome !!

  7. A resounding YES. This is art for sure! Beautiful art, Sheila!

  8. Beautiful work and yes I think photo editing is also art. Thank you for showing, this is so inpiring!!

  9. Gorgeous artwork! It's fascinating to see your painted art and what you have the ability to create with 'digital artwork'. It's all art to me, I don't like 'rules' in the art world. Take care, Shirleyx

  10. Yes it is art!!! People have their preferences, which is fine, but most people who decry digital have never done it (or done it properly. Will have to check out Tuxpi.

  11. Of course it´s art!!!
    I think digital editing is just a tool like pens, brushes, paints, etc.
    It´s your own creativity which creates this wonderful art!
    All pieces in this post are beautiful! I like the bright colours. It´s so interesting to see always new little fantasy creatures you created!
    I love them all!!

  12. What a gorgeous works!. And, yes, I think this is ART.

  13. Yes it's art, definitely when you create such kaleidoscopes of color! your art is fabulous and playing with photo editing to make effects is such fun and full of creativity, so keep playing dear friend, your creations are so vibrant with life and joy!

  14. I love those little monsters. And I think that photo editing tools are just that, same as watercolors and brushes--both can be very precise or very broad and both can produce happy accidents, like these adorable little monsters.

  15. OF COURSE it ia art and it is GREAT art Sheila!! Those bold colors and in all of these overworked pieces I can find the original pattern...which by the way is so gorgeous! I loove grids and yours are so well choose colorwise! The "calm" piece is my second favorite :) I was so excited to see, what you have created and now I am overwhelmed by the variety you show1 I am blessed you art with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  16. Yes, it is art Sheila because it contains your vibrance, emotions and thought. As my soul sister said - Sirkkis - the impression of your art is your creation. Programs are just tools. Have a magical Thursday!

  17. Sheila I love your post, you show different and inspiring things with your painting and photo editions, I think that photo editions are art, fantastic colors and patterns.

  18. Sheila; gorgeous art here! Love the colors and patterns. Digi art is art :) After all - our art is visual and use of the photo-editing program is one of our tools! xo

  19. "Art" is creative expression, no matter the process or the outcome. And clearly, these images are creative expressions, and lovely ones, at that!

  20. Wonderful abstract play. Photo editing is your art, uses you eye and design decisions to alter your art, so it's your digital art, but some of the filters do the work for you, so in my mind it's collaboration betweenthe filter creator and you. xox

  21. All of it looks great and yes I think photo editing can be art too!

  22. Vibrant..magical..gorgeous and expressive...what a wonderful feast of shapes and patterns..and intriguing art!

  23. I love what you have done with the oil pastels and dyes, so vibrant and alive, it is the artist who has wielded the first creative stroke and the artists eyes and mind who cleverly used a variety of tools available to be creative.....so yes definitely art in one of its many forms.

  24. ART is everywhere! All shapes, sizes and forms!

    These designs are wonderful. Love all the colors, shapes.

    Great work.

    They could easily be put onto fabric and they truly resemble batik.

    Have a fun day.

  25. I like your photo edited pictures, especially the little monsters that appeared that way. And we talked about this theme before... I think using photo shop or things like that is art because it is a skill to use that this way as well as using a pencil or brush.
    But this time I love the first one most, the one you did without photo-shop. But taste is a matter of taste...
    Ciao Beate

  26. You do such great things with your creations and manipulating and enhancing them digitally gives added interest as well (not everyone, me included, can do digital art!)
    Here is the Wiki definition of ART:
    "Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media."
    Thank you for sharing your art dear Sheila!

  27. Hi Sheila, art is in the eye of the beholder so i say this is Art!!

    Gorgeous bright happy colours and patterns.

    Aileen x

  28. Liebe Sheila, das ist ganz bestimmt auch Kunst!
    Der Computer oder die Programme sind ein Mittel wie ein Stift oder ein Pinsel. Die Kunst kommt aus dem Menschen, welche Hilfsmittel er dazu verwendet ist egal.
    Ich finde deine verschiedenen Darstellungen sehr gut und es macht Spaß diese anzusehen!
    LG Claudia

  29. Colorful, gorgeous, individual and expressive.
    Of course it is art. It's just a different artistic expression and it´s your individuell expression.
    I like it!


  30. absolutely, it is art!!
    i love doing both: the cut-glue-paint-mixedmedia brings a more haptic satisfaction [i enjoy my tinted fingers like a little child]. and it brings a non-repeatable, unique result.
    but about 2 and a half years ago i started digital manipulations. and i enjoy it for other reasons (clean, with less chaos, just save a step and work on any other day...). but as somebody said before: i think these programs are tools only. you must learn to master them, improve your skills and what i would put first: you need to have (or develop) an EYE for compositions, colors etc to make it look good! just like with the handmade things. and it can take a lot of time to produce some good digital art!
    and about your art in particular: i love how you start with painting and go on with the scanned work... so you can achieve various results (and really play) with one starting point. love this!!

  31. I say YES…and in your case…BEAUTIFul…fun…funky and so very creative art!

  32. I think all of it is art. I love your digital and hand-painted pieces. They all look so good. I love your use of colour.

  33. As there is obviously a well thought out creative process behind the stunning results it HAS to be art, hasn't it?

    Brain-made is as important as hand-made sometimes ;)

    Claudia x

  34. As I do not know how to use all the digital processes you are so accomplished at and use to such wonderful effects I just have to be amazed at your outcomes. So for me back to the fingers in the paint and lots of tearing and sticking. It is all art and room for all methods.
    Continue to enjoy seeing your art.

  35. Art is art whatever the medium. In the 1960s in Performance Art artists would lie on the ground in a pathway. Said to be art. Someone else used to slosh paint all over women's bodies and have them roll on large sheets of aper. Andy Goldsworthy, one of my most favourite artists has rolled huge snowballs mixing in earth and berries and their coloured juices, rolling them down the hill to huge warehouse spaces, letting them melt on to enormous sheets of paper then melting and drying over time. Fantastic. Look him up if you don't know him, he's a nature based artist. All art.
    Digital art is definitely art from start to finish, and thought some think it is simple, you will know how much effort goes into it.
    And your great examples are art, art, art. I love it.

  36. I just have to say these are FABULOUS!


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