Thursday, 12 September 2013


Conny at "Mix it Monthly" has given us an intriguing challenge.

We are to take a feather, inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci and three colours, and make a work of art.

The feather

and the three colours, mint green, grey and hibiscus.

The inspiration I've chosen from Leonardo are from these pictures, 
a flying machine, a bear and various patterns.  From the third picture I've used the arch and the circle in the rectangle pattern.

Intruders at the Castle!

It's midnight and the powerful security lights have come on at the Castle!

Someone has spotted an intruder!
A flying intruder!

The Chief Guard rushes to the front door.

The castle bears come out.

What do you mean, they don't look like bears?  I wouldn't say that to them if I were you.

You may think this is a flower.
It's actually a very ingenious intruder alert device

and this is not what it seems.
It's the first line in the Castle's air defence, disguised as a large bird, powered by a battery operated windmill.

The Castle is lit, the guards are out, everyone swings into action.

Some of you might be saying "But where's the feather?

Here is the feather, recoloured and transformed into the Castle's stained glass windows.

I hope you enjoyed my little story and painting.

Do go and see what the other artists have made at Mix it Monthly, it's a very nice challenge each month.

I'm also entering this into the "Order of the Opus Gluei" challenge whose theme is "Cityscape", as the Castle is the City for its occupants.


  1. Thank you again,Sheila, for the blast of color and the smile that always appears on my face when I see your art!

  2. Wonderful post, gave me a big smile! Great story and creations! Valerie
    I will write tomorrow, my hand is very sore just now!

  3. I am rolling over floor laughing :D What a great and funny story with such enchanting little paintings to enjoy! Love the intruder and the sweet bears :) and of course the incredible castle! But the hero of the scene is the lil flower also known as the "ingenious intruder alert device"...Thank you sweet girl to be again part of Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  4. Truly magnificent. So inventive. I love the combination of drawing and photoshop. Love it, Awesome !!

  5. This is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading your story. Those 'bears' are terrific. Thanks so much for playing along with us at OPUS GLUEI.

  6. I love the story and all the beautiful pictures, wonderful creative!

  7. Oh Sheila, that is so wonderful!! I was thinking about what I like more: Your writing or your painting." But I think that can't be seperated from each other. When you write stories to your pictures they are something like a unity... Great to look at. And the idea with the feather is fantastic.
    xx Beate

  8. I love, love, love your whimsical take on this week's challenge. Your story telling is amazing, and the borderline abstract figures fascinating. Blessings!

  9. You are just so imaginative and creative, Sheila. Two wonderful pieces.

  10. You should be writing and illustrating children's books - this is BRILLIANT!

  11. An imaginative story with beautiful pictures. I love it.
    Greets, Gerda

  12. Oooh, what an adventure! Fun with the adorable inhabitants of the castle. Love your art Sheila:)

  13. I love your beautiful castle! Can I come and visit? I hope I won't set off the intruder alerts!

  14. Enchanting, that is the perfect word for this, Sheila! It's pure magic! Thank you so much for being our first entry in this week's challenge at Opus Gluei, as always, your art makes my heart sing!

  15. The result is spectacular! I love your unique sense of art Sheila! :)

  16. You are simply amazing my dear...take a bow.

  17. I love your story and the charming and amazing pictures!! Very imaginative and creative!

  18. I love the bears they are amazing, the reappearance of the bird, the intruder alert is all so inventive and imaginative. What a wonderful world you live in. I love the castle, the stained glass windows...I love it all. Really made me smile, your artwork is so happy

  19. A lovely Modern Art- Painting, so fresh colours. I like it!
    Thank you for your comment on my Blog dear Sheila.
    Greatings from Germany

  20. Amazing is an understatement. You never cease to amaze and entertain. You on the top of the heap, lady!

  21. it´s always such a pleasure to visit your blog. your creations are so unique and fresh, i totally enjoy them!

  22. Your story made me smile and I love the bright colourful fun picture.

    Aileen x

    p.s. so chilly up here today!

  23. You are the perfect entertainer!To visit your blog is always enjoyable.
    Love this post very much with his glorious elements.
    Big hugs Anja

  24. Granchildren loved this. You really should consider a childrens book. I also loved it. Storyline and artwork great

  25. Love your imagination! Oh my gosh, this is a great story and you've woven in the required elements so perfectly and seamlessly!

    How wonderful of you to play with us at Opus Gluei, I hope the castle is still safe and I really hope you continue to come back and check out our challenges. Would love to see your take on future themes as well!

  26. Wow sheila,your funny painting is very,very wonderful, i love the figures and the colors,amazing.

    Greetings Jeannette

  27. Hi your work! I was grinning to myself as I read along - it would make a great little childrens story.....and for the record, those bears look pretty scary to me. Thanks for being part of the OG challenge - this is a cityscape I'd like to visit, and I'll bring some food for the bears.

  28. Your story is totally hilarious! love loved it :) I am glad that some of us keep the child inside them alive.
    Surely visiting again here to see some new stories!


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