Monday, 1 April 2013


In the previous post there was a computer poem.  This is how it was written.

While looking for information on making books, in “Unique Handmade Books” by  Alisa Golden, I came across a brief paragraph on Spell Check poems, a process which the author’s eight year old daughter had discovered when playing on the computer.

Type a random string of letters into your word processor.  For best results have some vowels in the mix and avoid punctuation and other symbols.

Break the string into groups
Hayg kshw mzb cqpru ybn zreldspa qucnz

Hit the spell checker.  You should then get a list of possible words for each "word" from which you can choose one.  Sometimes you have to change some letters in a "word" to get anything from the spell checker. Remove one or more "bad" letters and/or add common letters like S, T, R or vowels until the spell checker likes it.  These are the words I chose for the above letters.
Hang skew mob cupric by redcap suns

You can then rearrange these words, make major or minor changes and add or subtract words to "write" a poem.
Suns hang skew.
The cupric mob
in red caps comes.

The more you read these computer poems the more they make poetic sense.

Have fun!  I'd love to see your poems.


  1. This is a great idea, Sheila! I think I'll suggest it to my art journaling class. Sounds like fun.

  2. My logical type brain waves need more logic, BUT it could be quite interesting. I agree with Sherry...I think it would be a great exercise for an art journaling class.

  3. My gosh, I've never heard of anything like this! VERY cool!

  4. I love this kaleidoscopic piece Sheila and how funny to work along this way making a haiku or poem!

    thank you for sharin it!

    xxx Susi

  5. what a wonderful creative idea. I'm going to try it right now

  6. Hahahaha! This strikes me as so funny...and fun...but it'll have to wait until I'm moved. LOL! Keep playing Sheila. I know that's part of what makes your art so delightful!!!

  7. The ninth unrest
    clouts ideas for
    erupted muggers.

    Awesome !!

  8. That sounds funny and interesting. I love playing around like this. Do you know Gianni Rodari? He explains lots of games with words like this.

    Ciao Beate

  9. What fun! I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Brilliant! But my spell-check seems to be either un-cooperative or not creative, so I will have to try again later!


  11. Thanks very much for sharing interesting

    I shall have to delve in deeper :)


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